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About Virix

Welcome to the Virix Homepage.
Virix is a clustering solution using Linux and MOSIX. Our long-term goal is to provide a robust clustering solution with mosix that will meet most users needs.

Our current goal is to get our cluster project Cluster-F up and running efficiently, with all the needed features for day to day administration and use (and some just for fun). Feel free to jump into the fray and download the current release of Virix.

Why Virix?
The average desktop computer spends most of it's time being idle. While idle, your machine's processing power is being wasted, especially if you're doing something on another machine that could use those space cycles. Enter mosix... Mosix allows you to treat a cluster of workstations as if it were one SMP system. This allows you to take advantage of resources that would otherwise go to waste. On server clusters, it can also increase response times by allowing processes spawned by the server to be run on other machines when the server itself gets too bogged down. This allows for cheap and easy scalability. In situations where a large number of people are logged into a single host, it can reduce the impact users have on each other... say, by migrating a greedy user's compile to another node, freeing up cpu cycles for other tasks.


VirixCF Release Alpha 1.0
    asleep - 2001-11-01 18:38   -   virix
VirixCF Alpha1.0 has been sent unto the masses.

Be sure you check the docs for the virixCF release and the remote-access release if needed as they have the needed instructions listed in the download page.
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